Earlier this week, it was reported that Jon Bon Jovi was a front runner to take the ownership spot for the Buffalo Bills, and fill the vacant spot after Ralph Wilson's death. The idea certainly piqued the interest and support of many, including Dallas owner Jerry Jones and a number of other NFL owners whom Bon Jovi is apparently in good with.

But how do the fans of the Buffalo Bills, themselves, feel about this? Not too good, it appears. In fact, some local establishments, lead by a fan organization called 12th Man Thunder, are the already taking measures to preemptively run Jon out of town before he ever steps foot in the Bills' front office. This has lead to local bars and businesses banning Bon Jovi's music from ever playing, by establishing themselves as 'Bon Jovi Free Zones' Yes, there are actually signs...see one HERE


Seems Mr. Bon Jovi might have his own sinister plans for the franchise, which would involve moving the franchise to Toronto, making it the NFL's first Canadian (and international) franchise. He's been linked to a developer in Toronto named Phil Lind, Vice Chairmen of Rogers Communications Inc. Lind has expressed his interest in moving the Bills to Toronto