A woman from the Hudson Valley has been banned from ever entering any National Park in America.

Casey Nocket, 21, of Highland was investigated by federal officials back in 2014 after she was accused of vandalizing eight national sites across five states. Nocket’s Instagram account, which is now deleted, was full of photos depicting defaced rocks and natural landscapes in Yosemite’s Vernal Falls, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Rocky Mountain in Colorado, Colorado National Monument, Crater Lake in Oregon and Zion and Canyonlands in Utah. All of the paintings were signed “Creepytings” which was also Nocket’s Instagram username.

Vandalism is usually just a misdemeanor that carries up to a $5,000 fine and a year in prison. Vandalism in national parks, however, carries a much stiffer penalty. It can be considered a felony if the damage is extensive or occurs in specially protected places.

On Monday Nocket was sentenced to a two-year probation. According to the Daily News, the probation includes a ban from entering all federal, state and municipal parks. Nocket plead guilty to defacing seven of the eight national parks. She says she used acrylic paints and sharpies to create her "artwork."We want to know what you think about Nocket's punishment. Is a 2-year ban appropriate for the crime she committed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.