Check your numbers. There were two winning Powerball tickets sold at the same Hudson Valley store just days apart.

When it comes to winning the lottery, people have their own rituals and superstitions they use in the hopes of winning the big jackpot. Whether it's buying a ticket with their own lucky numbers, visiting the same location to play the lottery every day or just leaving it up to chance with a quick pick, everyone seems to have their own system.

While it's hard to know if any of these methods actually work, there seems to be one factor that can up your chance of winning, and that's buying your ticket at the Hudson Valley's luckiest store.

We're still not sure how this keeps happening, but there's one store that continues to crank out winning tickets.

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This week two more Hudson Valley residents have become richer after visiting Smokes 4 Less. The store's locations in Fishkill and Newburgh have been responsible for a string of winning tickets over the past few years. The store has had an impressive track record since 2022, with customers who've hit the Win For Life jackpot, Mega Millions and Powerball. Jackpots have ranged from tens of thousands up to a million dollars.

This week, the streak continues as two more tickets were sold at the Newburgh Smokes 4 Less totaling $100,000.

On September 16 a winning Powerball ticket was purchased that is worth $50,000. The winning numbers were 8-11-19-24-46 with a Powerball of 5. Then, just four days later another $50,000 Powerball ticket was sold at the same Newburgh store. The September 20 numbers were 16-27-59-62-63 and a Powerball of 23.

In order to win $50,000, players must get four numbers and the Powerball.

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