More enormous potholes popped up on heavily-traveled Hudson Valley roads on this week causing more traffic headaches.

On Tuesday an enormous pothole popped up on the Eastbound lane on I-84 near 17M. Cars were caught off guard and police responded as well as the Department of Transportation to try and fix the hazard.

On Wednesday morning two new potholes have popped up, causing even more traffic problems. According to Hudson Valley traffic reporter, Nancy Reamy, the first one was spotted on Route 9W near Quaker Avenue in Cornwall. The Southbound lane was slowed down because of the pothole as cars tried to avoid it.

On I-84 another major pothole was causing traffic problems again this morning, but this time it was in the Westbound lane. Traffic was slowed approaching exit 8 in Newburgh. The right lane was backed up while commuters tried to get around the giant pothole which claimed a few cars, giving them flat tires.

We're on the lookout for more potholes around the Hudson Valley this morning. If you know of one, join our "pothole patrol" by sharing its location on our Facebook page.