How am I suppose to explain aliens to my kids, when I literally know nothing about aliens other than what we've seen in the movies?

The older your kids get the more involved the questions get. It starts small with everyday things that you can explain very easily, but then all of sudden they're asking about something a little more complicated. My oldest was learning about mars in schools this week, and she was telling me about mars and how they think it used to be like earth and at one time was able to sustain life. My daughter knows that I love space, and I'm interested in those sorts of things. I watch a lot of shows that talk about different theories, more specifically shows like Ancient Aliens.

While we were talking about this, I switch on a paranormal show on the TV. Then the alien questions started. Are aliens real? What do they look like? Do they really take people? You get the point. So, technically the Government confirmed that aliens are in fact real during the pandemic, by released video footage of unidentified flying objects that were recorded from Naval aviators. Technically, they just confirmed that the video of the UFOs was real.  That doesn't mean that the UFO was being piloted by an alien, it could someone on earth, who knows?

I told my daughter that what we know about aliens in terms of what they look like, is they are little creatures, some say they're green, maybe gray, but ultimately we don't really know what they look like. I don't think it's out of the question to assume that they could look like us, but we really don't know.

It's hard to try and explain these random things to a child when you barely understand them as an adult.

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