Another major storm is headed through the Hudson Valley that has the potential to cause widespread power outages, flooding and property damage.

Central Hudson is warning customers about severe weather that's expected to move through the region over the next 24 hours. The utility says the storm is expected to produce damaging winds, flooding and other hazardous conditions.

Severe Weather Timeline for Hudson Valley, New York

Tuesday will start with a mix of snow and rain that will turn to steady rain later in the day in most of the Hudson Valley. The rain will be coupled with strong winds on Tuesday Evening with gusts that could top 60 miles per hour. A wind advisory is in effect starting as early as 4pm in the Poughkeepsie area.

Two to three inches of rain are expected on Tuesday evening, potentially producing dangerous flooding conditions. Many parts of the Hudson Valley are also under a flood watch beginning at 6pm. While the rain will end by Wednesday, damage from the storm could affect the region for days.


Central Hudson Prepares For Response Ahead of Hudson Valley Storm

With significant snowfall already on the ground, warming weather and another two to three inches of rain are the recipe for severe flooding conditions. The combination of wet soil and strong wind is also expected to result in downed trees that could cause widespread power outages overnight on Tuesday into Wednesday.

Central Hudson says there are over 100 additional utility workers from Ohio, Kentucky and other areas of New York on call to help restore power. Aside from downed power lines, the utility is anticipating possible issues with natural gas lines that can be disrupted during heavy flooding.


Safety Tips During This Week's Storm

Entering a flooded basement or indoor space could be dangerous, especially if electric panels and gas lines have been impacted.

If you detect a natural gas odor, Central Hudson advises customers to stop whatever they are doing, do not light or use a match, operate light switches, use a flashlight, cell phone or telephone. The utility also says not to flush or run any water.

Upon detecting a natural gas odor, customers should immediately go outside and call 911 or Central Hudson's gas odor hotline at 1-800-942-8274.

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