Here's the Tig's Metal Box (the radio show) playlist from Aug 18.

Metal Box Playlist 8/18/18

Motley Crue- "Live Wire" (Motley Crue released their first single "Live Wire" this week in 1982)

90's rockers (90's hard rock/metal triple play)

Godsmack- "Keep Away"
Offspring- "Gone Away"
Metallica- "Fuel"

Lost 80's Power Ballad: Kix- "Don't Close Your Eyes"

Metal Box News (Dee Snider Headlining 2018 Catskill Mountain Thunder)

Twisted Sister- "We're Not Gonna Take It"

Album Spotlight: AC/DC- 'Flick of the Switch' (35th Anniversary)

"Flick of the Switch"
"Nervous Shakedown"
"Guns for Hire"

Something Old, Something New
Alice In Chains- "Again"
Alice In Chains- "Never Fade" (New)

Under the Covers
Foo Fighter- "Baker Street" (Gerry Rafferty cover)

Tig's Metal Box Radio Show (named after the weekly Youtube video feature) is a 1 hour metal show that airs immediately following House of Hair with Dee Snider every Saturday from 1am-2am featuring a solid mix of classic and newer hard rock/metal (80's, 90's 2000's). Show features segments like 90's rockers (triple play of 90's hard rock/metal), the Lost 80's Power Ballad, Metal Box Album Spotlight, Something old...Something new, and Under the Covers. You can listen on 101.5 WPDH in the Poughkeepsie/Hudson Valley, NY area, on the WPDH mobil app, and on RadioPup.