If you stand in this exact spot not far from the Hudson Valley you'll experience a strange natural phenomenon.

It's called the "Mystery Spot" or "Echo Point" and people who have visited can't believe what happens when you stand in just the right location. Next time you happen to be in the Lake George area you're going to want to try this out.

According to those in the know, the spot is located at the intersection of Beach Road and Canada Street. Just outside the Lake George visitor center is a circular platform where this strange phenomenon takes place.

People claim if you stand directly in the middle of the circular platform you will hear a strange echo surrounding you every time you speak. No one is quite sure why this happens, but those who've tried it swear it's real.

Some believe the echo it has something to do with the small circular wall that surrounds the platform. Weird New York claims that local legend tells of an ancient god named Katchalototail that appeared to indigenous tribes that once lived around the lake. The story goes on to say that the god's wisdom is still reverberating in those who stand on the exact same spot today.

Whatever the reason, this mystery spot is something you need to check out on your next vacation to Lake George. And if you do, make sure to let us know what you heard while standing on Echo Point.