A report was released with how much millennials, Gen Xers, and baby boomers make in each state.

Business Insider released a report breaking down how much each generation makes in each state across the US. A millennial is defined as someone ages 20-35, a Gen Xer is someone 36-51 and a baby boomer is 52-70. They used the median income of each generation for each state. Data was used from the 2016 US Census to compile the results.

In New York, the older the generation, the higher the salary, according to Business Insider. Which was also the case for most states, with older generations making 25% more than millennials to some states with older generations making 91% more than millennials.

Here's how much each generation makes in New York:

Millennials: $42,000

Gen Exers: $55,000

Baby Boomers: $60,000

All generations made the most in Washington D.C. and for actual states, they made the most in Massachusetts. New York was one of the highest-ranking states for how much each generation makes.