Well, this isn't terrifying at all.

According to Only in Your State there is a house in the Hudson Valley that has been legally declared haunted by the state.

The house is located in Rockland County in Nyack and has a deep history of death and just overall creepy events happening since it was built in the early 1900s.

The Ackerly family moved into the home in the '60s and they were quick to learn that they weren't the only ones who were living there. The Ackerly family has said that they would get woken up in the middle of the night by something violently shaking their beds.

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The family seemed to believe that the house was haunted by two or three spirits from the Revolutionary War. The ghosts would make themselves known by "leaving random gifts for the children randomly throughout the house, slamming doors and making their presence known through the sound of their footsteps."

The house was deemed legally haunted when the Ackerly family was planning on moving but didn't tell the new owners the house was "haunted." The new family had already put down a deposit, then notice the house was listed on a Nyack Ghost Tour.

The case is formally known as Stombovsky v. Ackley, however, it is famously known as the Ghostbuster Ruling.

Would you move into a haunted house? Do you know of any other houses that should be legally haunted?

Beautiful Home or Haunted Headache? You decide.

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