It's weird when you think back to all the things your parents told you when you were a kid. It's amazing how fast time flies, and how quickly things can change. What is something you're parents always said that you don't say as a parent?

I was having a conversation with a coworker recently and he mentioned the term "play clothes". I haven't heard that term in so long, I almost forgot its existence. Do you remember to play clothes?  You can't get your school clothes dirty, so you would have to put on your play clothes when you got home from school. I remember always hearing parents complaining about kids not having play clothes while the kids jumped in the mud.

I don't find myself, as a parent saying anything about play clothes. I may tell my kids to change their clothes if they plan on getting all dirty outside, but the term seems to have been lost over the years. What else did you use to hear as a kid, that you wouldn't say nowadays?

How about "be home when the street lights come on," that bringing back any memories? I remember seeing kids put the jets on making sure they got their butts home when those streets came on, so their butts didn't end up purple if you catch my drift. We all remember that one kid that never went home when they came on, but he had that one dad that every neighborhood has that can do the extremely loud whistle with his fingers. I will jump at the chance to tell my kids this one. They would definitely confuse them.

Follow me on this one, "where were you?". I know it sounds weird, but when I was a kid my parents never knew where I was wandering around, and I would be gone for hours at a time. Nowadays, we always know where our kids are thanks to technology. Cell phones track where they are, allowing us to call, text, and video chat whenever we want.

What are some things that you used to hear as a kid that you don't say to your kids?

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