Earlier this week a horse and pig were spotted walking down Route 32 in the Kingston area, and we have figure out their identity. 

The picture of the horse and pig wandering down State Route 32 was sent to us by a listener, and we really didn't have any other details to go on.

We didn't know where they were from, how they got out, where they were going, nothing. So, I took it upon myself to just make up a very epic escape scene.

In my made up story, I described the horse and pig as best friends. Turns out, I was right! The two are in fact best friends. The owners reached out to us after seeing our article.

I received an email from Linda Nelson, which said the following:


It's good to know the pair made it home safely. I'm really happy at the fact that they're actually best friends.

I hope their escape was as epic as I imagined it to be.