As we inch closer and closer to that one year mark of COVID-19, I look back on the things that I used to do all the time that never really happen anymore.

It's hard to believe that we're approaching a full year of this damn pandemic, but here we are, adjusting to this strange masked lifestyle, with no physical contact with other people, with hand sanitizer dripping from our pores. If I think back to one year ago, I was spending a lot of money eating out for lunch every day, but I honestly miss that. While it's great that I'm saving a ton of money in that aspect, I miss seeing what my favorite deli was going to put on their steam table that week.

It sounds silly I know, but it reminds me of a time when things were normal. Besides my lunch habits, I miss just seeing someone and giving them a handshake, or a pound, whatever. Now, it's considered a sin if you touch somebody else or come too close while conversing.

In terms of family, I miss being able to take the kids out to enjoy things without worry. Going to the movies, going bowling, traveling around to different places to explore, it's all so difficult now. Options are limited, and we try to give our kids fun experiences, as they're only young once, but it's hard.

I hope we make it through all this sooner than later, and we can turn to some sort of normalcy and regain that part of our lives. What do you miss that most that you haven't been able to do since the pandemic began?

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