There's some good news and unfortunate news regarding the Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill here in New York.

Back in June, it was reported that New York State had passed the Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill. For those who are unfamiliar this bill "Prohibits the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits by retail pet shops; authorizes space for adoption" according to an ASPCA press release.

The American Society Prevention of the Cruelty of Animals, also more commonly known as the ASPCA, states that New York is one of the largest markets in the puppy mill industry. There have been several stories locally in the Hudson Valley of unknowing families buying sick puppies and kittens from pet stores that were purchased from puppy mills.

The ASPCA writes:

Breeding dogs in these facilities are often kept in crowded cages their entire lives without adequate shelter, veterinary care, food or socialization. They are not pets; their only value is to produce puppies who are shipped and sold to pet stores. These puppies can suffer severe health and behavioral issues – and families are often unprepared for the financial loss and heartbreak that come with buying a sick puppy.

With that being said, we were curious as to what the status of the bill was currently a month or so later. A quick look at shows that while the bill has been passed, it still has yet to be signed by Gov. Hochul. Additionally, it hasn't even been delivered to the Governor's office.

Gimmie Shelter Animal Rescue on Long Island caught on to this news and recommends the following to push the bill along:

Email Gov. Hochul HERE
Call Gov Hochul's Office: 518-474-8390
Support the Bill HERE

We'll keep an eye out on the future status of the Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill.

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