Earlier this season, the New York Yankees debuted their very own pilsner which has won many fans, who may be tired of the same old Bud and Bud Light, over

Now, the NY Daily News is reporting that the Yankees' very own Pinstripe Pilsner will available in 16 ounce cans making it even easier to enjoy the new beer which is collaboration between the organization and Patchogue, Long Island's Blue Point Brewery, according to the Daily News.

One catch; it's only available at Yankee Stadium.

So yeah, if you're here in the Hudson Valley, or anywhere across the Tri-State region, you're going to have to head to the Bronx to order one....or two.

Previously only available at the Blue Point Bleachers Bar, the new beer will now be served in multiple sections, plus by vendors in select areas, according to the Daily News.

Of course, being Yankee Stadium, expect to spend some cash. The Post says a regular on draft runs for $6.99, and a large for $12.89.