This rare look at the Newburgh waterfront from 1918 includes a visit from Teddy Roosevelt and the launch of a WW1 Navy ship built right in the city.

The footage, uploaded by YouTube user Albert Garzon, is a unique peek into the rich history of the Newburgh Waterfront. According to Garzon, the video shows the official launch of a ship called the USS Newburgh on Sept. 2, 1918. The ship was completely built on the waterfront at the Newburgh Shipyard and eventually used during World War 1.


Former President Theodore Roosevelt is seen in the video making a speech during the christening of the Newburgh, the first of 17 ships built right on the waterfront between 1918 and 1921.  According to Shipbuilding History, the Newburgh Shipyard was located on Water Street, just south of Verplank Avenue and the Global tank farm. The building that housed the main fabrication shop can still be seen from River Road behind the giant white tanks. Here's a view of the shop today.

Newburgh Shipyard Today