In an attempt to keep up with the more modern fast food establishments, McDonald's has furthered it's new "restaurant experience" agenda by introducing new employee uniforms.

The A.V. Club says that the fast food giant has partnered with designer Waraire Boswell to create a bunch of dingy and depressing looking outfits, that the over two hundred thousand employees in its 14,000 locations will be subjected to wear starting this month.

Yeah, they're all gray and look like something out of some sort of science fiction movie.

McDonald's said in a statement:

Individuality is important to McDonald’s restaurant employees.

They go on to say something else how the uniforms are supposed to be cool or whatever:

(The new uniforms will provide) an easy transition from the restaurant to a social environment.

The new uniforms will even include a denim apron that “may be worn full or as a half apron to fit restaurant employees’ personal style.” 

So here they are...

Do you think they look modern, or just depressing?