This collection of vintage cards may not seem like the coolest thing, but for some it's the holy grail.

I mentioned on the air a while back that I own an extensive collection of vintage Star Wars trading cards. Some of you have emailed and called me with questions about it, so in honor of this week's 40th anniversary of the premiere of Star Wars, I thought I'd give you a little peek.

While it's not secret that I'm a huge Star Wars fan, not many people have seen just how ridiculous my obsession is. The collection started out in a pursuit to gather all of the vintage cards I used to chase after as a kid, but then it snowballed into rare cards and newer sets from the prequels and now the new generation of Star Wars films.

So here's a peek into my sad, nerdy life. Please enjoy.

If anyone else out there is also interested in collection Star Wars trading cards, feel free to hit me up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I always love chatting with fellow nerds.