Hungry? Maybe you can bring one of these aboard for your next long ride? The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has a new idea to get more people to take the subway. Subway sandwiches. Sources say the MTA has teamed up with two of New York's most famous delis for a new creation. And while it's probably not the  healthiest thing you could eat, it actually looks quite delicious.

But it will only be available for a limited time.

A Subway Sub

PIX 11 says that the MTA, along with Katz’s Deli and Alidoro, have created the 1904 Sandwich. Alidoro CEO Jon Streep says the 1904 will feature Katz’s pastrami, garlic confit cream, calabrian chili dijon slaw and aged provolone on a rye sourdough baguette. The New York Post says the sandwich will be wrapped in paper designed off the infamous Massimo Vignelli 1970s subway map.

PIX says the 1904 will be available at four Alidoro locations until the end of October.

1904 marks the year the subway opened in New York City. MTA Chair and CEO Janno Lieber said that while this may seem like "an unconventional way to promote the transit system", but that they are looking for "opportunities to bring together iconic New York City brands and also to support small and growing businesses,” 

As we said, it sounds good. you just might want to bring some napkins. That, and you'll want to make sure nobody tries to take it  from you and run off.

The Hudson Valley Likes to Eat

With the seasons changing, you might be looking to explore some new options when dining out. There's always a lot to consider when trying someplace you've never been to. However, the New York Times has released its annual Restaurant List, which rates the top 50 restaurants across the country.

Obviously, New York City was well represented like they often are, placing five restaurants on 2022's best places to eat list. There was one lone restaurant representing the Hudson Valley, according to the Times.



Of course, lists like these from many of the various publications are often subjective. Earlier in 2022, Wine Spectator released its Restaurant Awards, which included eight different locations across the Hudson Valley.

Other spots, such as Rossi'sMexicali BlueVinnie's Deli and PastaSchatzi's, and The Noble Pig have all received national recognition for their food.

Hudson Valley Restaurant is One of America's Best

According to The New York TimesCafe Mutton in Hudson is one of the top 50 places to eat in the country. Their website describes the restaurant as "a small neighborhood restaurant on a sunny corner in Hudson, New York". They describe their food as "simple", and that they "really like meat and vegetables". Their menus say that it changes by season, so you're going to get a wide variety. 

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