The hasn't been a great season for Joakim Noah of the New York Knicks.

The NY Daily news says that Noah was suspended 20 games Saturday for failing a drug test. Noah reportedly used an over the counter testosterone booster called  Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator LGD-4033.

The 32 year-old Knicks center used the supplement to help with a number of hamstring and knee injuries.

Noah won't actually sit out the suspension until he’s ‘physically able to play”. The NY Daily News says he recently underwent knee surgery, and initially thought that he wouldn't serve the suspension until next season. However, Noah was recently cleared by team doctors to return to practice in a non-contact capacity. The team is hoping he can then serve the suspension to get it over with, rather than dragging it out until next year.

Noah said he knew the substance was not allowed by the National Basketball Association and will "take his suspension like a man."

While banned substance suspensions are more common in other sports, the Daily News says that only seven NBA players have been suspended for PED-related substances. Joakim Noah is the first in three years.

The Knicks spent $72 million dollars on Noah, who, so far in 46 games, has only averaged 5.0 points a game. He's been out of action with injuries since February 4.