As we all became aware of the news that Dustin Diamond, also known as Screech from Saved By the Bell had passed away after battling stage four lung cancer, it made me think of the time he stopped by the WPDH Studios.

Diamond was only diagnosed just three weeks ago and lost his battle with cancer at the age of 44. I grew up watching Saved by the Bell and probably watched every episode multiple times over including the "College Years", which was pretty awful, to say the least. Either way, when I think about that show I get that nostalgic feeling, so when I heard the news that "Screech" had passed away it saddened me.

When I met him, it was at a weird point I think for him, as he was trying to be a successful stand-up act, and I remember him doing some celebrity boxing stuff, it was weird. I was working with the morning show on PDH at the time, probably circa 2005 give or take a year or two, and he came in on a Friday morning ahead of his show at Banana's Comedy Club.

I remember people saying he wasn't that nice of a person, but he seemed alright when he came to Poughkeepsie. He was down to earth, talked to everybody, and took pics with whoever wanted. While I know he kind of had a rough go of things following Saved by the Bell fame, he seemed like a pretty decent guy when I met him.

May he rest in peace.

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