America remains more divided than ever. There's chaos in the streets. President Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un continue to threaten each other with nuclear annihilation.

Meanwhile, one man in South Carolina dealt with an overbearing boss by doing something we've all wanted to do at one point.

Okay, maybe it's not the best way to handle conflict...but it is pretty funny. TIME says that police were called to Taco Bell in Spartanburg after reports that an employee threw and their manager with a hot burrito.

Looks like the manager and the employee were getting into it over scheduling hours. The boss allegedly told the young man "stop being a baby". That's when the scorned fast food employee took matters into their hands and flung a burrito at the manager. 

The burrito left melted cheese on her left arm, and down her left side and leg.


WYFF is reporting that there was melted cheese all over the appliances in the kitchen.  the angry employee then proceeded to break their headset over their leg and storm out.

No word yet on exactly what kind of burrito it was.