If you don't believe us when we say to stay home today, maybe these scenes of car accidents and abandoned drivers in the Hudson Valley will change your mind.

The snow is still falling throughout the Hudson Valley and accumulations are now being measure in feet instead of inches. We've been putting the word out to stay wherever you are, but some people have still decided to venture out.

On my way home from the radio station I found my 4X4 stuck twice. With only a snow scraper to shovel the snow from under my wheels, I was lucky to have arrived home before the wind made visibility even worse. This storm is no joke.

These folks, captured by Storm Chasing Video, found themselves the victims of Winter Storm Stella. Drivers in Newburgh can be seen struggling just to stay on the road.

In Poughkeepsie things were no better. Just walking down the street was a challenge for some because of the intense amount of snow that has already fallen.

If you're brave (or stupid) enough to venture outdoors today and have some video you'd like us to share with our listeners, you can upload it directly through our free mobile app or post it on our Facebook page.

Of course, be safe and if you don't have to go out... don't!