We always joke that there is a day/week/month for everything nowadays. All you have to do is check in on the National Days Calendar to see how many opportunities you might be missing out on to celebrate.

This week happens to be a week that many of you don't need a specific timeframe to enjoy. I know people who act like it is National Bargain Hunting Week every week of the year but I am sure this week they are hunting down saving around every corner.

You know the person I am talking about. We all know a least one. They are the person who always gets the same item you got but they had a promo code or coupon so they got their goodies cheaper.

1 - They are the person in front of you at the grocery who has an organized folder of coupons. And when they are done they just walk out of the store with a car full of stuff that costs less than your 15 items or less.

2 - They are the person who beat you to the yard sale and walked past you as they headed to the car with the "free" BBQ grill you were hoping to throw into the back of your truck.

3 - They are the person who stores every price-saving coupon App on their smartphone and can't wait to tap the save feature for you so they can be your coupon hero.

These dollar-wise shoppers may be annoying but let's face it we only feel that way because we don't have the gift of thrift. I can honestly say I have overpaid for convenience and my coupon clipping friends think I am nuts. Truth is if I find a bargain I am thrilled but it is too much work for me to make it a pass time and in the case of sum an obsession.

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