Social media users are reporting a loud explosion heard near the Fishkill Correctional Facility.

Last night, residents in the Southern Dutchess area were rocked by the sound of a "giant explosion." The noise was reported on social media by residents in and around Fishkill, Beacon and the Town of Wappinger. Those who heard it described the blast as a "gunshot" or "fireworks."

Many were speculating as to what the explosion could be. Some incorrectly assumed it had something to do with the Fishkill Correctional Facility, which is located where the sound appeared to be coming from.

Sounds mimicking loud explosions are not uncommon in the Hudson Valley, Because of the area's terrain, big bangs can travel long distances down and across the Hudson River, tricking people into thinking they are much closer than they actually are.

Noises from professional firework displays especially travel far, with many people hearing explosions that are several towns away. However, to hear a noise like this late on a Sunday evening is unusual, which caused many to wonder what the issue was.

It appears that the bang was not fireworks, gunshots or anything of the sort. Reports quickly circulated of a transformer explosion near Route 52. Shoppers at Family Dollar, near Foam and Wash and The Barking Frog were reporting a power outage last night due to the transformer issue.

Anyone who has experienced a transformer explosion knows just how loud that bang can be. It's not unusual to be able to hear the bang from miles away, especially on a quiet Sunday evening.

As of Monday morning, Central Hudson was not reporting any power outages in the Beacon or Fishkill Areas.

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