It's that time of the year where the vending machine picks a fight with me.

If you remember last year, the vending machine and I had quite the battle royal when my cookies were stuck in the machine. How the cookies even got wedged in there is beyond me. Just see for yourself.


They did eventually come to restock the machine full of stale goods, and I received my cookies.

So, we're pretty sure the vending machine just enjoys messing with people. I've seriously gotten more stale products from this stupid machine, than I have fresh.

Granted, candy and those such things aren't necessarily the best things eat, but it's the principle here people!

Could you imagine if this vending machine was one of those fancy ones that have sandwiches and burgers in it? It would be a mold filled disaster!

When I decide to eat something out of the vending machine, all I'm asking is that it be fresh. I don't think it's crazy to want that.

The ball is in your court, vending machine people.


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