Well, Somebody was nice enough to leave Smitty a fresh piece of candy on his desk. 

So, I have waged war on our stupid vending machine, as it's a piece of crap! I battled the vending machine once before last year.

The machine takes people money, gives incorrect change, and requests "exact change" quite frequently.

Earlier this week, I decided to get a Twix bar from this damn machine. It was beyond stale, to the point that the caramel was on the outside of the Twix bar.

However, I came in to a surprise waiting on my desk Friday. Someone had left me a Twix bar. It's highly unlikely that the vending machine filler-upper guy was nice enough to find where my desk was and give me free candy.

Either way, somebody was nice enough to hook me up with a fresh candy bar. It was definitely much appreciated!