Determining whether you should bring your child to the doctor's office or just wait it out can be stressful. Luckily, some new technology will help take the guesswork out of the decision.

The Children's Medical Group has been making some major improvements to their physical buildings, but an upgrade to their website is getting lots of attention from parents this month.

The feature is called Is Your Child Sick™, and it's a godsend to parents who are struggling to decide whether or not to bring their child to the doctor's office. We've all been in that situation where your child just doesn't seem quite right. Unsure if it’s something of concern or not, turning to Google of a Facebook group filled with unqualified opinions isn't probably the best way to determine what to do.

Now, parents can visit the Children's Medical Group website and click on the virtual questionnaire that will guide parents through their child's symptoms. The interactive feature will provide helpful feedback as to how parents should proceed.

According to Children's Medical Group, the feedback can range from advising to call 911, contact a doctor within 24 hours or administer simple self-care at home. While the advice isn't intended to replace advice from your pediatrician, it can certainly give parents peace of mind when they're struggling to figure out what to do.

This is just another reason why our family puts our trust in Children's Medical Group.

Right now, Children's Medical Group is taking appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine for children five and older. For information on where to get the shot, check out or call 845-452-1700 for a full list of offices and hours.