Last week a shocking and brutal incident unfolded in Yorktown, as Yorktown police received calls for an assault in progress. Following the call, multiple Yorktown police officers would arrive on the scene to get the situation under control. Each officer played an integral role in making sure the situation did not become much worse.

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Yorktown Knife Attack Details

The incident in question in question reportedly occurred last week on October 16, 2023, but before 6 p.m. According to the press release from the Yorktown Police Department, once calls of the event first came in, several Yorktown police officers rushed to the scene. The first officer to arrive was identified as Officer Campion who immediately encountered the suspect.

Ivan Bliznetsov

The report goes on to state that the suspect complied with the commands given by the officer and was taken into custody without further incident. When other officers arrived on the scene they quickly began an investigation while also providing crucial medical treatment to one of the victims until EMS services arrived on the scene to continue rendering aid.

Arrested man in handcuffs with handcuffed hands behind back

Through conducting the investigation, Yorktown police determined that the two victims were attacked without warning by the suspect, a 71-year-old Yorktown man as they entered an apartment. The suspect reportedly had attacked one of the victims with a kitchen knife and wounded them multiple times in the process, while the other victim, a senior citizen, was knocked to the ground and kicked in the chest. Both of the victims were taken to an area hospital where they are reportedly in stable condition.


The Arrest and Official Charges Against the Accused

According to Yahoo News, the suspect was identified as 71-year-old Wayne Watkins. Following the arrest, Watkins was officially charged with...

Attempted Murder 2nd Degree, a Class "B" Felony and Assault 2nd Degree, a Class "D" Felony.

Courtroom gavel
Courtroom gavel

After being processed, Watkins was arraigned by the Honorable Gary Raniolo. Orders of Protection were issued for both of the victims in the attack and bail for Watkins was set at $500,000.

After not being able to post bail, Watkins was turned over to Westchester County Corrections Officers who then took him to Westchester County Jail. The press release concluded with stating that Watkins is expected back in court tomorrow, October 24, 2023.

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