Shopping for groceries is one of those things that EVERYBODY has to do. Whether you choose to hit the store on the way home from work during the week or you're a weekend warrior and brave the madness of a supermarket on the weekend, we all need our bread and milk.

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Aside from those essentials, everyone also has their favorite snacks. The little guilty pleasure that maybe you have a little to often but it just makes you happy. Well if you have been to any supermarket recently, you have probably noticed some surprising items on the shelves and that's not necessarily surprising in the good way.

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New Viral Flavors

In recent years, food manufactures have been taking some risks and producing some weird and wild new products, many of them going viral. Many famous brands like Coco-Cola and Pepsi have released various different varieties of their soda's for various different occasions. For instance, Pepsi released a Peeps flavored Pepsi because, soda by itself didn't have enough sugar already and Coke even released a soda that 'tasted like the future'. Seriously...they did.

Well one major name brand that is the arguable King of New Wild Flavors, has just recently released a new, lets call it interesting flavor combination. That brand would be the one and only Oreo and the new flavor would be Sour Patch Kids. Yes, that's right, 'Milks Favorite Cookie' has teamed up with the famous kids of 'Sour, Sweet, Gone' for this new limited addition product.

Doing Way To Much

Now look, I completely get why companies like Oreo or Pepsi or Coco-Cola come up with these wild and weird flavor ideas. It's because it's fun and these are also companies that were built off the back of innovation.

Before these giants were who they were and sold what they sold, they simply were ideas thought up by individual people. It took trial and error and numerous trips back to the drawing board to change the formula a little here and a little there and eventually they had the formulas that became famous across the world, where now MILLIONS of people by their products every year.

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So I get it, it's the fun of making new things to entice customers to buy more, try something different and whether or not they like it is all most inconsequential because at the end of the day, ole reliable is still there waiting for the next time you walk down the supermarket isle. It's all one giant game based on the rules of marketing and psychology.

Now maybe I am in the minority with my opinion here but, these corporate giants are flat out doing WAAAY to much. Maybe it's because I'm simple, I'm a man of routine, I know what I like and what I don't and all these wacky flavor combinations and collaborations are just mind boggling.

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This is where the internet becomes a truly wonderful place because you can find just about anything you need and with one trip to Youtube, and a couple keyboard clicks, I found this comedic, satirical video that summarizes my general feelings about this whole wild flavors thing. Quick Warning; the video below does feature some adult language.

I literally do not need to say another word. I mean I definitely could but then I think that be a bit excessive. You know kind of like these companies continuing to make these ridiculous and crazy flavors. Like it says in the video 'you've won, go home'.

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