A seven-car crash is creating traffic backups on the Taconic State Parkway Tuesday morning.

Hudson Valley traffic reporter, Nancy Reamy, is telling us that a major collision is creating a "mess of traffic" on the southbound lanes of the Taconic State Parkway. The pileup happened in Putnam Valley, just south of Pudding Street.

Cars are now jammed going southbound north of Peekskill Hollow Road, as the right lane continues to be blocked due to the traffic accident.  According to Reamy, the collisions will take some time to clean up, so you should anticipate delays throughout most of the morning commute.

Northbound traffic seems to be flowing fine for now, but that's little comfort for Hudson Valley commuters who are traveling southbound on Tuesday morning. Those who need to drive in that direction should consider an alternate route to avoid the bottleneck.

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