So far the weather in this September had truly been a mixed bag. The month started with the type of weather one might expect for September in the Hudson Valley and then blam a heat wave.

So many of us had settled in for an early fall when the heat and humidity broke the last week of August but unfortunately, that was not going to last. It may be a bit before we see those September seasonal conditions again this month.

Does September Weather Predict the Upcoming Winter

I never gave much thought to the weather in September. It feels like one of those in-between months. You know in between Summer and Fall. It always seemed to be the month that wasn't really weather-specific. But in reality, September weather has always been in focus, or at least the lore of September Weather.


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The Farmers Almanac which is one of my sources for all things weather when it comes to prediction and facts last week shared September Weather Lore Sayings. For a month that I thought was sort of weather-neutral, there is an awful lot of weather lore.

Farmer's Almanac List 14 September Weather Sayings Based in Folklore

Farmers Almanac via Facebook
Farmers Almanac via Facebook

They actually listed 14 weather sayings. They presented them as sayings we may have never heard and tend to agree. I hadn't heard of any of them. These kinds of sayings tend to be based on things people noticed in the past and by past I mean way back but that doesn't mean they don't stand true today.

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September Weather that May Predict Future Weather

Some of the sayings did seem a bit hoaky but a few I think could hold true. I think we could put these 3 to the test and see if they are just lore or actual September weather predictors. I am going to keep an eye on these three:

  • If the storms in September clear off warm, all the storms of the following winter will be warm.
  • Thunder in September indicates a good crop of grains and fruits the next year.
  • The first snowfall comes six weeks after the last thunderstorm in September.

The third one is the one I am gonna keep my eye on.

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