The incident was caught on camera by a passenger in another vehicle on Highway 62 in Muskogee County, Oklahoma.

Noah Wilson was driving the car that was hit. His girlfriend, Gracie Bottger, told Fox 23 that they went to pass another vehicle in front of them.

That's when a pickup driver came up from behind and began riding their tail. The driver of the truck starts to become more agitated, as he can be seen swerving back and forth. Then, the pickup driver does the unthinkable and intentionally slams into the young couple's car. The truck then drives off.

Noah Wilson said he didn't do anything intentional, and that he was just passing the other car in front of him. Wilson said he was even going a little above the speed limit, himself, in order to pass. He said the truck was only behind them for about a minute before it him them.

The hit car can be seen going out of control across both lanes of traffic and into a guard rail.

Luckily, the couple is okay aside from some cuts and scrapes.

As of now, the driver is still on the loose.