Anybody that knew me during my teen years, and even into my twenties, knows that I spent many a day hanging around Algonquin Park in the Town of Newburgh.  We all did.  In the summer we might get there as early as noon, and still be there at dinner time.  There were so many cool nooks and crannies in the park.  A few ponds, some cool stones structures, a giant rock that has since been removed, and a place to play a ball game.

Algonquin Park was  Originally a saw mill in 1790, by 1815 it was producing black powder for rifles. The completed powder was delivered via horse and buggy to a large magazine at Sherman's Dock-now the Newburgh Yacht Club site where it was loaded onto sailing vessels to be distributed.  So the history goes back way longer than my childhood.

My friend Vicki recently contacted me to ask me to get the word out about a possible restoration for Algonquin Park.  It seems it has fallen into disrepair in recent years, so there has been a petition started to save the park.  Interested in signing?  Here is a link.  Algonquin Park is a beautiful piece of land rich in history.  I'm proud to spread the word.