Back in the Fall of 2019, a local residence in the city of Kingston acted as the setting of violent murder. The incident took place during the early morning hours of November 1 and the victim was later identified 36 year old Myron Moye Jr. The murder of Moye marked the second murder in one week for the city of Kingston.

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The investigation has been ongoing for the last few years and in that time, three suspects have been arrested and charged for the crime. Recently one of those suspects admitted guilt for his role in the ordeal.

Kingston Halloween Night Murder

Around 2am on Friday November 1, 2019, a night where just hours before children were going to door to door trick or treating and celebrating Halloween, Kingston Police arrived on scene to a residence on West O'Reilly Street.

Police barrier tape at crime scene

Upon entering the residence, officers discovered Myron Moye Jr, who had been critically injured following the events that had transpired. According to reports from Spectrum News, officers on scene immediately began performing first aid on Moye in an attempt to save his life, however Moye would succumb to his injuries and was pronounced dead at the local hospital.

Canva, MattGush from Getty Images
Canva, MattGush from Getty Images

Following the event, Kingston schools would be closed due to how close the crime scene was to Kingston High School. Kingston Police in their investigation quickly classified the case as a murder. This also marked the second murder that had taken place within a week in Kingston as police were already investigating the murder of 27 year old Daniel Thomas. In the years that have followed, police identified and apprehended three suspects for the murder of Myron Moye Jr and each has been charged accordingly.

cropped image of prison officer wearing handcuffs on prisoner
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One Suspect Comes Clean

According to report from News 10 ABC, one of the suspects identified in the Moye murder investigation recently admitted his guilt in the event and by issuing a plea of guilty on his day in court. The suspect identified as 24 year old Jacob Jackson plead guilty for the crime of manslaughter and now faces up to 25 years behind bars.

Handgun and Crime Scene Tape
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According to the report, Jackson and the two other suspects broke into the Moye residence on that early November morning, tied the occupants of the residence up and then shot and stabbed Moye before fleeing the scene.

The other two suspects, identified in the murder of Moye are Melik Davis and Christopher Jackson. Davis is actually the half-brother of Jacob Jackson, while Christopher Jackson shares no relation. The both of them are currently awaiting their own days in court.

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