Shoppers were seen running in fear after some say there was an active shooter at the Crossgates Mall in Albany.

On Saturday afternoon social media was the main source of information about what some were calling an active shooter situation at the Crossgates Mall.

Police were seen arriving on the scene as people inside the mall reported hearing gunshots near the Apple store.

Robert Downen, a reporter for the Times Union posted this video to his personal Twitter account.

WNYT is reporting that two men have been detained and police are still looking for more suspects. They also say that there are still shoppers and employees hiding inside the mall inside bathrooms and stores.


Photos on Twitter from inside the mall show police with guns drawn running towards the Apple store.

Michael Howard from TWC News obtained these photos that he shared on Twitter.

The Daily News is reporting that Guilderland police have confirmed that they responded to reports of gunfire around 3pm.

We still don't know if anyone is injured, stay tuned as this is a developing story.