When we choose food in the grocery store our main focus is if it's healthy. Some of us may look for all natural or organic products while others check the carbs, sugar and sodium content on the items.

There may be some people who check the expiration date of food that we see in the grocery stores.

A healthy snack brand is warning consumers about their baked goods..


However, we aren't aware of recalls until after we buy something. There are times that we don't purchase an item and it gets recalled later on. Thankfully, we live in the digital age which makes it easier to access important information, quickly.

Enjoy Life Natural Brands LLC has announced a recall.


There has a been an expansion from their June 30th recall. An investigation took place during the first recall which also led to a second one as well.

The Food and Drug Administration claimed that baked goods from Enjoy Life Natural Brands LLC were included in the recall. There is a chance of hard plastic pieces in products from Enjoy Life snacks.

The second recall or also known as this "expanded recall" is in regards to finding four additional products with the same best by date that may have been missed during the first recall.

Here's an updated list of recalled Enjoy Life items.


The following list can also be found on the FDA's website.

Soft Baked Cookies – Snickerdoodle, 6 oz 853522000184 2/4/2023*

Soft Baked Cookies – Chocolate Chip, 6 oz 853522000191 2/5/2023

Soft Baked Cookies – Double Chocolate Brownie, 6 oz 853522000214 3/6/2023

Soft Baked Cookies – Sunseed Butter Chocolate Chip, 6 oz 819597013801 3/3/2023

Soft Baked Cookies – Monster, 6 oz 819597013818 2/6/2023

Chewy Bars – Sunseed Crunch, 5.75 oz 853522000627 3/3/2023

Chewy Bars – Caramel Blondie, 5.75 oz 819597011258 3/3/2023

Soft Baked Fruit & Oat Breakfast Ovals - Apple Cinnamon, 8.8 oz 819597012569

Baked Fruit & Oat Breakfast Ovals – Chocolate Chip Banana, 8.8 oz 819597012576 12/31/2022

Soft Baked Fruit & Oat Breakfast Ovals – Berry Medley, 8.8 oz 819597012583 2/3/2023*

Brownie Bites – Rich Chocolate, 4.76 oz 819597013290 1/10/2023

Brownie Bites – Salted Caramel, 4.76 oz 819597013313 1/10/2023

Soft Baked Cookies - Amazon Variety Pack - (2SND,1CC,1OAT,1SBCC,1MSTR) - 6/6 oz 819597014518 9/24/2022

Trader Joe’s Soft Baked Snickerdoodle Cookies, 6 oz.

What should consumers do who bought these products?


Consumers that have these recalled products are recommended to throw the item(s) away. However, hold onto the package and then contact the company directly and see how you can receive a refund.

Their phone number is :1-855-543-5335 

Their hours of operation are: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.

Did you have any items from this voluntary recall? Have you ever had a product that has been recalled? Share with us below.

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