What did all these trees ever do to hurt anyone?

Police are saying that a 30 year-old man from Syracuse drove his Subaru over a number of small trees with his car. The Times Herald says that his path of damage stretched across three parks and a cemetery in Syracuse.

May not sound like too big of a deal to some, but his alleged herbicidal rampage is going to end up costing the city thousands. By thousands, we mean over $25,000, according to authorities.

Police say that over sixty innocent trees perished during the Tuesday onslaught.

The man was arrested Wednesday and an investigation is pending. There is no word why this man decided to take out his frustrations on a bunch of small trees in a park.

Could it have been related to drugs and alcohol? Or maybe he just hates nature?

Anyhow, this tree hating motorist is probably going to have a heavy fine to pay when he see a judge.