Once again the WPDH listeners are hopping mad. This time it's over a live broadcast that is raising money for kids with cancer.

Last week we shared some of the angriest Facebook postings we received over a story about leeches in a local lake. The amount of hatred we got for covering what we thought was just an interesting story about how lifeguards check for leeches had us in stitches.

If you thought that calling out those angry Internet trolls would make them stop, well then you don't really know how the Internet works, do you.

This week we shared a story about the Boris & Robyn Show's live broadcasts from a tiny house that were designed to give away free vacations and raise money for kids suffering from childhood cancer. We thought, surely, that story would receive nothing but support from our listeners. But, as these comments prove, we were wrong:

Is there nothing our Facebook followers won't get angry about? We hope not, because these comments are what keep us checking the page every day.

We'll see you next week for another installment of Facebook Hates Boris.