Just when we thought the Hudson Valley's Facebook reactions couldn't get crazier, these comments have hit a whole new level.

We're not new to receiving angry Facebook comments. We've even created an entire feature around some of the more insane, unprovoked posts our listeners have decided to make public on our page.

This week, however, you guys have really cranked things up a notch. Maybe it's the warm weather, or the extra time off for the Fourth of July holiday that has people bored with nothing to do; but a recent story about a local bobcat sighting seems to have struck a cord with the angry Facebook crowd.

Just like our story about leeches in Lake Minnewaska, a lot of you thought a bobcat sighting in Hyde Park was a non-story. Even though police posted a video of the animal to warn residents, many of you told us that everyone should already know that bobcats are around and that they're "no big deal."


Where the angry comments led to next, however, was something we didn't expect...