The New York Renaissance Faire opened this past weekend and WPDH was there to enjoy all the fun.

The New York Renaissance Faire is an awesomely good time, and it's full of shops, games, rides, and the most interesting characters you will ever meet. This was my first experience with the Renaissance Faire, and it did not disappoint.

As I wandered around the faire, I enjoyed a nice big turkey leg, ice cold beer, and random conversations using a fake accent. I befriended "Brucia the Bridge Troll," to whom I explained the wonderful technology of radio to. The fairies in the forest are strange little creatures who do not speak, except that odd one that told me a weird joke....but anyway.

I highly suggest you make a trip out to Tuxedo Park, NY and experience the New York Renaissance Faire for yourself. Bring the whole family and take in all the fun the faire has to offer.

Check out my walk through the Renaissance Faire.