This weekend WPDH took a trip to the New York Renaissance Faire which is bigger and better than ever.

I haven't been to the New York Renaissance Faire in a few years and was impressed with how big it has truly become. Stepping on the grounds of the Faire is truly like stepping back in time. Because the property is nestled in the mountains of Tuxedo, there are no modern day distractions visible on the horizon. You won't see an out-of-place office building or cell phone tower anywhere around you, Everywhere you look convinces you that you may actually be back in the Renaissance.

With over 100 roaming actors and even more shop keepers and vendors in full costume, it's hard not to feel out of place if you're not dressed up. There were strolling musicians, fairies, swordsmen and magicians. For those who seek live entertainment, there is always some sort of comedy or music show going on. If you'd rather just stroll around at your own pace, the shops and food court also have plenty to offer.

Leaving the New York Renaissance Faire and stepping back into the real world was somewhat more disappointing than I thought it would be. But luckily, this year the Faire will be up and running each weekend and Labor Day through September 27, so you'll have plenty of chances to check it out for yourself.