Why would someone take their clothes off and sit naked for an entire work day? I guess you could say it was for the exposure.

A model from Poughkeepsie bared it all for the very first "Drawing Marathon" at a new Hudson Valley art venue.

The marathon was held in Coxsackie at the old firehouse on South River Street. According to The Daily Mail, the owners of the new art house organized the event as a grand opening of sorts. Jacqui Robbins and Colby Bird opened Frontispiece, Inc after losing their old venue. They plan on starting up classes in the space next month.

On Saturday, artists of all skill levels were invited to sit down and draw throughout the entire day. The model started out by posing in 20-minute shifts, rotating artists throughout the day. Later on, she sat for longer periods of time to give everyone a chance to work at their own pace.

The idea of a Drawing Marathon isn't new. Other marathons are held all across the country, with some of them actually lasting for several days.

According to organizers, the first-ever Drawing Marathon "drew" quite a crowd, creating plenty of "exposure" for the new venue. We wish them the best of luck.