Police and health care workers are being credited in saving a man who had left a suicide note, plus multiple guns and rifles, behind at a local residence. Police were called to the home of a resident who said that a family member of theirs had been making suicidal threats Wednesday evening. The officers would later track him down near the Mid-Hudson Bridge where they would have to use Crisis Intervention Training.

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The City of Poughkeepsie Police Department said in a post on their Facebook page that when officers the home where the call was initially made was empty when they arrived. However, it was there that they discovered the suicide note that was left behind by the unnamed man. It was also there they discovered the handguns and rifles. This is where officers used a "ping" of the person's cell phone to hopefully locate him. This would take them to a vehicle parked on Jefferson Street.

But once they reached the subject's vehicle, they found it to be unoccupied as well. this is where they found in the area of the Mid-Hudson Bridge. Luckily, they were able to talk the man away from the vicinity of the bridge, and convince him to be taken to Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital to be treated by mental health professionals. It was there that he was handed over to hospital staff for assistance and to hopefully get the help he needs.

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