Over the weekend, Dutchess County Sheriff's had their hands full thanks to one eventful encounter with one Poughkeepsie resident. The encounter lead to a dangerous late night high speed chase between Hyde Park and Poughkeepsie.

The Chase Begins

According to the report released by the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office, the incident took place shortly after 11pm on Sunday, January 14. At that time a Sheriff's Deputy attempted to stop a vehicle traveling down route 9 near the Hyde Park and Poughkeepsie border.

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The driver of the vehicle proceeded to continue on and failed to comply with the signals given by the Sheriff's Deputy. The Deputy would continue the pursuit of the suspect and the pursuit would take them through several jurisdictions.

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Eventually, the suspect would end his own escapades and stopped his vehicle. Immediately thereafter, the Deputy apprehended the suspect, placed him under arrest and took him into custody. The suspect was identified as 27-year old Poughkeepsie resident Scott W. Owen.

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Charges for the Chase

As one can imagine, leading a Sheriff on a high speed chase across town is going to result in some heavy charges. According to the report on the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, Owen has been charged with...

...reckless driving (misd), unlawfully fleeing a police officer in the 3rd degree (misd), and numerous traffic offenses.


In addition, it was also discovered that at the time of the event, Owen was operating his vehicle while under the influence, so he also faces a charge of "aggravated driving while intoxicated", which is a misdemeanor.

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Following his arrest, Owen was processed and released with multiple appearance tickets. These future appearances will take place in both the Town of Poughkeepsie Court as well as the City of Poughkeepsie Court.

Courtroom gavel
Courtroom gavel

The report concluded with crediting other local law enforcment agencies for assisting in the event. Those agencies were the New York State Police, Town of Poughkeepsie Police, and City of Poughkeepsie Police.

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