During a "life-and-death-situation" a popular store with countless New York locations went above and beyond to save lives.

What's been called the "strongest storm in a generation" killed around 30 people in Western New York around Christmas. The storm that lasted for many days left Buffalo with 100 inches of snow!

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

It's likely many more would have died in the storm if not for the help of a popular department store.

Jessica Sypniewski and her boyfriend were driving during the start of the snowstorm on Friday. They were with their two kids trying to make it back home to West Seneca.

"It came sooner and heavier than we thought it would," she told the Buffalo News. "Being Buffalonians, we had thought, 'Oh, this is just another storm.'"

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The family was driving in white-out conditions with little hope of making it home. First, they sought safety at a grocery store but store employees turned them away.

Then they went to a nearby Target, on Walden Avenue in Cheektowaga.

Western New York Family Seeks Shelter At Target


Not only did Target workers let them inside but the family was given warm drinks, blankets, seats, space heaters and more.

"I got so emotional, I just sat down and started crying," Sypniewski said to the Buffalo News. "You never know. People could have died. I truly believe they saved lives."

The Sypniewski family wasn't alone. Around 30 people were all stranded at Target. Over two dozen people along with seven Target employees.

New York Target Workers Go Above And Beyond

These seven Target workers spent the weekend helping out everyone else.

"They said, 'Anything you need, it's on us,' " Sypniewski said. "'Just let us scan it first.'"

Target provided snacks, water, clothing, phone chargers, mattress, sheets, pillows, blankets, hygiene items and more.

"I have never felt so scared in my life but we are safe and warm!! I cannot say enough to the target employees who opened their doors to us and have provided everything we have needed, you guys are literally life savers!! We have made a sh***y situation OKAY," Jessica wrote on Facebook about the situation.

Families were stuck there on Chrismas Eve when the Buffalo Bills were playing. So Target workers rolled out a TV and allowed all to watch the Bills game.

On Christmas, before everyone was able to safely leave the store, Target made a Christmas meal for all.

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