You have to feel for a lot of employees, who's jobs over the past year now involve telling customers to put their masks on when entering their business. Like they didn't have enough to have to do already. And, as we've seen in the headlines every week, some people just don't want to comply with these instructions. Police say a scary incident unfolded at a Burger King restaurant in Wayne. New Jersey, when a man, who had been refused service for not wearing a mask, wrapped his hands around an employee's neck in retaliation. reports that the incident happened March 27, after police say the man had gotten into an argument with the employee earlier over wearing the mask inside the establishment. Raw Story says the 47 year-old suspect had left the Burger King, only to return later that same day to confront the employee behind the counter who had refused him service. Officials say the man went up to the worker, and then "wrapped both hands around her neck,".

Luckily, another employee was able to step in and stop the attack, according to police, as suspect then fled the restaurant. The man was later caught, and even told one of the officers upon arrest, "You got me.". But while it may have initially appeared that he had accepted his fate, the suspect still was defiant.  A police statement says the man became resistant, and even slammed his head into a metal bench. says the man was taken to a nearby hospital and evaluated before being taken to Passaic County Jail.

Police say the suspect has been charged with aggravated assault.

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