A scary scene, actually two scary scenes occurred recently in Yonkers. Local police were called to the scene for not one but two separate shootings that occurred during the afternoon on Monday, August 21.

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Before getting into the details that are currently known, it must be stated that this situation is still very much under investigation by the Yonkers police and investigators.

A police crime scene tape close-up

Details on First Yonkers Shooting

Yonkers police were alerted to the first of the shooting incidents at approximately 2 pm Monday afternoon. The shooting occurred at a residence located on West Delano Avenue. When arriving at the scene, police discovered one victim had been shot.

gun and bullets on the table
Michal Oska

The male victim had been shot in the leg, received medical treatment and was transported to a local hospital. According to News 12, reports state that the victim is expected to make a full recovery from the injuries suffered in the event.

Second Yonkers Shooting Details

The second shooting of the day occurred not long after the calls regarding the first shooting. Approximately one hour later, reports local police were made aware of the second shooting and were dispatched to the sight of the event. The second shooting occurred at the intersection of Riverdale Avenue and Morris Street.

Shooting a Gun
Photo by Max Kleinen on Unsplash

Details for this second shooting are currently scarce and information has not been made aware about whether or not there were any individuals harmed in the event.

Yonkers Police Investigation into Shooting Events

As previously stated the investigation of both of these shooting incidents is still under way. As it currently stands, many questions still need answers to the day's events and police have released little information to this point.

Under Investigation follder

Investigators have released some information about the shootings. First, investigators currently believe that both shootings were not simply random events. Secondly, investigators revealed that they have in fact taken one individual into custody as a "person of interest" in their investigation.

We will continue to do our best to continue to provide updates for this story if or when more details are revealed.

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