Police in Poughkeepsie are warning residents to use caution when using certain apps on their phone or tablets.

Due to a recent attempted robbery committed when a citizen tried to sell an electronic devise using a buy/sell marketplace app, City of Poughkeepsie Police are warning residents to use caustion when using such apps.

While these apps may be a convenient way to buy or sell merchandise, criminals can use them to lure people with valuable property to unsafe locations where they may targeted for theft or robbery.

It is reccommended that anyone using these types of apps, to verify the identity of the person they will be meeting through social media. Pick a meet-up time that is during daylight hours and pick a location to meet that you are familiar with and that is public and well populate.

Never invited someone you don't know to your home, or don't meet somebody you don't know at thier home.  Leave the area immediately if you feel uncomfortable or suspicious and never give strangers your personal information.

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