Local residents say a proposed Dunkin' Donuts will leave them without a place to live.

The Times Herald Record reports that the owner of a strip mall in New Windsor is planning on using his property that happens to be the home of 20 local residents to make way for another Dunkin' Donuts.

Residents say the proposal would leave them basically homeless.

The property includes an existing strip mall and a mobile home park located right behind it. The Silver Stream mobile home park on Caesars Lane and 9W in New Windsor is home to 20 people who depend on the affordable housing.

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What makes the project even sadder for those who will be displaced is the fact that this would actually be the fifth Dunkin' Donuts to be built within a four-mile radius. While there's no shortage of places to get a cup of coffee, the area does have a lack of affordable housing. The loss of the park would leave many residents without many options.

If the plan is approved by the town, residents will have six months notice to find other living arrangements.